Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Are curves here to stay?

There has always been controversy in using plus size models on the catwalk and this year’s London Fashion Week has certainly stirred some trouble up after designer Mark Fast decided to cast larger models for his show.

To the regular British female these size 12-14 women look the picture of health, but for the fashionistas at London Fashion Week it was enough to make two members of Fast’s creative team quit, leaving colleagues short staffed.

It was said to be because of ‘creative differences’ but it is clear the matter was of the choice of model. Surprisingly, this debate comes after recently raised concerns about models with eating disorders, which has caused organisers of events such as London Fashion Week to avoid using underweight models.

Fast wants women to know they don’t have to be the size of a child to fit into his designs, and he shows that curves can look great on the catwalk - his figure hugging dresses need a ‘figure to hug’.

The PR industry deals heavily with projecting a good image and getting important messages across to a target audience. In this case, if models are going to be seen as aspirational people for young girls, it is essential that the right message is being sent out to them. It is about taking care of your body through diet and exercise, not just starving your body of what it needs.

We can all agree that certain styles and trends look better on slimmer women, but when does slim become too slim? We are beginning to see a rise of the plus size model with the most recent winner of America’s Next Top Model, Whitney Thompson, being the first plus size to win the series. It has been argued that the series was fixed, as the producers wanted to be ‘fair’, but it seems that these are the people who just don’t want to see the fashion world change. Maybe we won’t need to diet anymore; this is great news for those us who like to eat….pass the chocolate please.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

UK's oldest restaurant is on a higher level

Our client, Blackfriars Restaurant, re-opened earlier this month following a major refurbishment which has reclaimed parts from one of Newcastle’s bridges.

Newcastle-based Blackfriars has been restored to its medieval roots with the reinstatement of an ancient solid oak floor, an oak bar and exposed oak beams – cast-offs from the recently refurbished High Level Bridge. The interior also boasts reclaimed furniture, old oak doors, photos from the Newcastle archives, refurbished toilets and lights made from old antlers.

The £100,000 refurbishment fits into the restaurant’s theme of supporting all things local, having used North East designers, artists and craftsmen to create a look that ties into the period of the building, which is said to be the oldest purpose built dining room in the UK having been the refectory for the Dominican Monks in the 13th Century.

We’ve been busy spreading the word about the refurbishment and promoting the sumptuous events coming up at Blackfriars, such as the tempting Chocolate Dinner and next month’s spooky Halloween Night.

To accompany its traditional roots, the restaurant also serves up a number of medieval inspired dishes such as roast suckling Pigge and traditional ale from local breweries including Wylam and Jarrow.

For booking enquiries visit or call 0191 261 5945.
Blackfriars Restaurant, Friars Street, Newcastle, NE1 4XN.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Search2drive gives us the green light

We’ve been given the green light to promote, a driving school comparison website.

Uniquethinking have been chosen to increase awareness of around the UK and position it as the comprehensive online comparison site for those looking for the best driving instructor.

We’ll be targeting the 17-25 market with a range of innovative marketing techniques and strategically placed advertising.

Search2drive posts reviews and ratings of instructors as written by pupils and learner drivers. Through using this unbiased information, visitors to the website can compare instructors, costs, cars and more.

For more information about search2drive, visit their website at

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Debtaid has the solution to money worries

This year the number of people with debt problems has risen sharply, partly due to the amount of redundancies that the recession has caused. In this climate, finding the right help to deal with debt is more important than ever.

That’s why we’re spreading the word about Debtaid, a small family business based in Alnwick, which offers impartial advice and tailor-made solutions for people in debt.

Brothers Shaun and Max Renwick have built up an established firm with a good reputation among its customers and have asked the Uniquethinking team to raise Debtaid’s profile around the region.

We’ve been busy designing eye-catching flyers to promote the wide range of services that Debtaid has to offer. Over the coming months we’ll be handling the PR, marketing and advertising work for the business.

We’re thrilled to be able to use our experience of working with professional services, including financial advisers, to raise the firm’s profile.

We’ll be emphasising that Debtaid treats each client differently through working out an affordable plan for repayments depending on the client’s situation. In particular, we will be targeting retired people, students, families and the unemployed.

To find out more, visit the website at or ring 0800 0722 332.