Monday, 20 September 2010

Railway company reeks with bad publicity

Rail users will surely kick up a stink at the latest travelling news, as reports that a train company has decided to forgo the installation of toilet facilities on their latest trains, has been exposed.

Southern Railway defended its choice by stating the trains would run in areas with short journeys of less than half an hour, even though it was revealed that they are scheduled to run on the Portsmouth to Brighton service, which can take up to an hour-and-a-half.

The main concern is for elderly passengers or those with medical conditions who will have no amenities available until they reach their destination, as well as pregnant women and young children.

On the plus side, travellers are being guaranteed a “refreshed interior” including new seats and flooring, a passenger information system and flexible spaces for wheelchairs and cycles, Who cares if you need the loo?

Would this poor judgement have happened had a PR expert been present around the board table and involved from the beginning, instead of being left to deal with the negative publicity? We think not.

If they had, perhaps this idea would have been a perfect one to go down the pan!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

North East is confirmed as a first-class destination

Durham Cathedral is a popular attraction

Northerners can walk with a skip in their step this week as the North East was acknowledged as a top tourism location, and we think its about time too!

Visitors generated almost £4billion for the region in 2009, new figures show, with Durham Cathedral, Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland and the Tees Valley being mentioned among the most popular areas.

Tourism bosses said holiday-makers spent an additional £117million last year - which is a fantastic accolade for the North - and development agency One North East showed the number of nights spent in the region had risen by 15 per cent since 2003.

Geoff Hodgson, chair of North East Tourism Advisory Board, said: "North East England has a great range of visitor attractions that showcase our history and heritage and make the most of our fantastic coastline and countryside."

This is great news for the economy as more than 65,000 people are employed by the region's tourism board and the last thing we want to see is more job cuts.

With so many of our clients in the tourism industry this is also good news for us.