Monday, 24 January 2011

Coca-Cola left a little redder

Christmas is a great time for Coca-Cola with the famous lorries heralding the holidays on TV, but the season is well and truly behind us and the brand has crash landed into the New Year amidst claims that its labelling in an advert was misleading.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that the company’s branding of its Vitamin Water as ‘nutritious’ was misleading as the drink in fact contains around five teaspoons of added sugar. This has resulted in the adverts being banned following complaints from three consumers.

The drink was labelled ‘nutritious’ as it contains 100% of a person’s daily allowance of vitamin C, as well as other key vitamins. According to the BBC, the company also stated that the drink contained 23g of sugar per 500ml serving, which qualified the drink for the category of ‘low calorie’ under EU regulations.

Coca-Cola was not happy with the watchdog’s verdict, stating that it felt that its branding had been transparent, as the amount of sugar contained within the drink was clearly labelled.

This has highlighted to everyone the increasing power of the consumer. Only three complaints were received, yet the advert was still banned. Clearly advertisers need to think very carefully about the wording of the messages that they are giving out to the public before they launch a campaign.

Monday, 10 January 2011

2010 ads are all wrapped up

Before it had even ended, 2010 was already being critiqued in the lead up to New Year’s Day, with the TV feeding our desire to know who, what and where was best in 2010. ITV joined the trend with its ‘Ad of the Year’ programme, which rounded up the year’s most innovative, funny and endearing adverts as voted for by ITV viewers.

Critics look away now.

While it may be true that some of the comments made by the ‘celebrities’ about how the advert made them feel could be described as over the top, some of the adverts from 2010 have truly been inspiring and certainly memorable and the show itself was a good indicator of the type of advert that resonates most with the average TV viewer.

From watching the show, a selection of adverts stood out from the crowd for various reasons, and while some viewers out there bemoan the fact that the programme couldn’t possibly judge the best advert accurately, on this occasion perhaps they got it completely right.

Number 6: Evian – Roller Babies

Roller skating babies? This advert certainly played on the ‘cute factor’ and had many people ‘ahhing’ as the babies raced around the screen. This ad certainly cemented the youthful connotations of drinking Evian. It was also a huge technological undertaking and with 136 babies taking part, let’s not forget the old showbiz adage ‘never work with children’.

Number 4: John Lewis – Always a woman

This advert played on the company’s tag line ‘Our lifelong commitment to you’ showing the relationship between a lady and John Lewis over her 70 years of life. By showing the way the store interacted with some of the character’s most memorable experiences, it highlighted the company’s relevance to our lives, making us think of future or past moments that John Lewis could or have been part of.

Number 2: Barclaycard – Roller Coaster

This advert had people talking on their daily commute to work. What could be a better and easier way of getting around than by your own personal roller coaster to the theme tune of ‘more than a feeling’? This link in the mind of customers was intended to show how Barclaycard ‘makes payment simple’ and proved how a unique idea and upbeat song could work in consumer’s minds.

Number 1: Thinkbox – Every Home Needs a Harvey

If only this dog really existed! This ad saw rescue dog Sykes advertising himself to potential owners with a montage of him doing chores such as mowing the lawn, driving the kids to school, cooking, cleaning and even playing chess. It really did draw attention to ‘the power of TV advertising’ and illustrated that innovation is the key to a successful ad.

Let’s hope that next year’s adverts are just as entertaining and relevant.