Monday, 18 April 2011

Oasis gets fruity

Oasis has once again cemented its reputation as a fun and humorous brand with the launch of its brand new spring advertising campaign and steamy strap line.

The series of adverts sees an Oasis bottle getting fruity with a popular lunch time snack in a series of situations with the strap line “Oasis it’ll go with anything”. From an office ‘romance’ with a scotch egg, to a sauna scene where the entrance of Oasis causes spuds to open their jackets, the series of adverts carry on from previous marketing campaigns such as “Fruity drinks and lunchtime dreams” and “Oasis for people who don’t like water” to give the brand personality in a saturated market.

Accompanying the adverts will be taglines such as “Shake that butty” which will feature on all bottle caps and, for the more internet based consumer, Youtube will also have behind the scenes footage and outtakes available.

Oasis has clearly researched its target market and addressed its key marketing messages, its suitability to all types of food and its fruity content. All that remains to be said is:

“Wham, bam thank you ham”

Going down

With less of a punch is KFC’s recent change in strap line from the 50 year old ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ to the less inspiring ‘So Good’ in an attempt to rebrand and project a more healthy image. However, it may have left a bland taste with some consumers and left some questioning the move away from its southern roots. Will the Colonel get a make-over and emerge as a Pilates instructor from LA?